Cons of search engine optimization

Organic-SEO-e1418334131465-770x470.jpgSearch engine optimization (SEO) has many benefits but it also have many cons that affect your business and all business owners need to think wisely and then should go with SEO work.
Through SEO Training Academy we learn that the search engine optimization (SEO) takes time to get you the results. If you are in hurry and want the results immediately than SEO is not suitable for you. You should look another way then. Ranking your site on top of search engine takes time and it’s a long term strategy so can’t get quick results.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is not useful for the small business because they operate on revenue so freezing your revenue in SEO is not a wise decision. SEO will not give you return quickly. It takes time.
search engine optimization (SEO) only give you success if you can walk with. SEO will make more customers and your business expands and if you will unable to meet the demand of your customers or targeted audience than you will lose the customers soon and lost their trust too.
The search engines lie Google is unpredictable with its updates like panda etc as it change its logarithm it ruined your work and you have to take it and start with scratch and it takes a long time to do so.


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